Classes Are Over…Almost

I have one more class next Monday–3rd, 4th and grade 5-2 (that I don’t teach). I start to wonder why I didn’t meet them when I began work at Yongju Elementary. For whatever reason, I’m meeting them all on Monday. It’ll be like the first day all over again, minus the nerves. But it’ll also be the last classes before training for EIC (English Immersion Camps). EICs are two-week camps in January that are subject based and at elementary, middle and high schools in Korea. I, along with all the other Gwangju EPIKers, have to go to them and teach. I hear they are the best and some wish that’s all they did  year-round. I’m sure it’ll be exciting. But even though it’s only been a few months, I’m going to miss the kids.

Here are some pictures showing some six graders and me at Ochi Elementary, my main school.


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