Second Day in Korea and I Needed a Hospital

Yep that’s right, I got myself taken to the hospital.

I was trying to stop a fall and caught metal on the way down. After it happened, I went to the nearest place, washed my hand, noticed  red stains on the floor as I walked out, went to a Family Mart, bought the cheapest gauze and tape I could find, wrapped it up (with some friend’s help) and then continued on to the next place, all without freaking out. Friends I was with told me I should go back to the dorms, but I said I was fine.

Turned out that next day I needed stitches. I’m really stubborn when it comes to getting hurt. If I  see blood and am not in any real pain I think everything’s O.K. Next thing you know it’s something big like the injury I had. Now it’s all healed up.

This was during EPIK orientation. I got super lucky I was with the right people when I went to the hospital. An EPIK staff nurse and EPIK class team leader O.I. (Oh–E) came with me so that I wasn’t alone. They helped pay for things and talked for the doctor for me.  So great. There I got an X-ray, and stitches for 80,000 won.   So every time I look down at my scar, I think that’s the day I became an EPIK legend! 🙂


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