On My Mission for Christmas Cookies…

–I went to Hyundai Department store. Instead of cookies I found this:

It made me so happy I forgot about  not being able to find cookies! The cereal was 320g for 4,400won ($3.74 USD according to exchange rate for today) and milk was 2,250won ($1.91 USD)  for the milk. Total: 6,650 won ($5.65 USD). I couldn’t even get that price in the US. This is one of the  reasons why I love Korea! Living here one can afford to pay bills, travel and have extra spending cash.

Also while I was out, I saw this:

Even though it’s cold and snowy, the view is still really cool. It makes me want to go to the nearest mountain and take pictures. The mountains here are really something to see in person.

When I got home, I wanted to document my attire, so here’s me:

Ok, so my short trip to and from Hyundai Department store was great, I got some air, found Fruit Loops and took pictures.


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