After Snow, Foot Bridges Are a No-No

I go outside, make a left and keep going until I reach the Hyundai Apartment complex.  White snow formed into solid ice was  painted all over the parking lot.  I make another left. All’s looking well until the “lawsuit” snow forms this unescabable path that continues into a  rock pathway.  I’m even more freaked out–there’s black ice on the rocks, the metal staircase I must walk down and the cement path below.

Luckily, there’s a majority of the cement path that isn’t iced over. Near the foot bridge I pass every Monday and Tuesday, I see three girls who look to be about the age of six or seven. They are all dancing on a patch of ice. I started laughing. Up the steps I walk–holding the railing for dear life. At the top of the bridge I found this:

As I stop to talk a picture, those three girls I saw earlier stop mid walk. They are trying to figure out how to take the stairs down.  Girl one stands there, then goes for it. Girl 2 holds on to Girl 3’s upper coat. I’m laughing, then I stop, because girl 3 falls. She’s not hurt, but I blurt out an “aww” kind of loud. No one noticed. The focus was on the “I’m going to sue this city so bad” snow. It made me angry that no one salted a bridge people use everyday.  There should be someone out there salting things like this. People could really get hurt out there.

So I made my way down the steps…Safe? Wrong. A couple of meters ahead is Yongju, my visiting school. I’m walking and then BAM:

More ice… anyways I get to school.  I see a kid slip and immediately head to the nearest door.  But the door I pull is locked. I put my boots back on. Very carefully I go through the playground, trying to avoid the many field mimes of ice.

Phew…I’m just glad I made it in one piece.


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