EIC Day 2: Singing “Heal the World”

I wish I learned it on guitar! That would have been super!  They all clapped after I sung parts of the song, and I mock them by saying “Ooooahhh!” like they did. I’ve sung/harmonized with my mom since I was 3 or 4. I love singing, but doing so in about four classes at 40min each really put a strain on my voice. In between classes I drank tons of 굴유자차 (Mandarin Citron Tea–I’m in love with 유자차–Lemon Citron Tea), it’s the best–but I made tons of trips to the restroom. Stuff is delicious.

Back to class: I really didn’t know what we would do, but I’ve learned in the short time I’ve taught that I can make up things on the spot. It comes in handy when the computer/internet fails. Tomorrow, we discuss the supermarket. Not much to that lesson, so we might play baby no-noose hangman or do a writing exercise. Good stuff. I’m enjoying EICs very much–the best part is that the kids do too.  🙂

For  video of me and the kids singing “Heal the World” by Michael Jackson, go to Facebook–anyone can view it (WordPress Video application costs too much):





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