EIC Day 3: Class, Lunch and Kenya Espresso

Class:  another day full of laughter and fun (from teachers and students). Today we did a lesson on supermarkets. Oh, it was super. I had students play the role of customer/cashier and customer/employee.  So the kids are in line. “That’ll be five dollars please,” said student one.  Student two doesn’t have any fake money. Student one says, “You have a card?” The same student gets a laminated name tag from a plastic bin and pretends he’s swiping a card. Student then says, “Sign.” Next person in line who had two loaves of bread asks “How much?” The cashier says “Fifty dollars.”  We erupt in laughter.

One class became so rowdy, it was as if  I was in the sell section at Emart. The part where all the sales associates are shouting in a politely aggressive tone that I should by their station’s product.  At the other end of the classroom  cashiers were  backed up with customers. I couldn’t stop laughing.

After EIC is over for the day, it’s custom for the staffto go out for lunch.. It’s a way to get to know each other better and share laughs.  Today’s menu was 추 아탕–chua tang–which is basically fish blender-ized (literally) and leaves in a soup.  I’m not into seafood and could really taste the fish in the dish *ah that rhymed!*, which is why I ate  the leaves instead. Yesterday was a  seafood place, where I had my first scallop and other sea creatures. Though I don’t like seafood, I keep an open palate–I want to try new foods to see what I like and don’t like. I also want to learn what’s what on a menu because I don’t know Korean.

After  soup, we went to Kenya Espresso for coffee, tea, and hot coco (with whipped cream! Yum!). Here are some pictures of me and my co 유리 —Youri— and the other co’s (one from my visiting school) and another NET (Native English Teacher):


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