Dog Cafe in Downtown Gwangju

After lunch was over I took a long walk . I was excited and on my way to the   dog cafe downtown. I’ve always wanted a pet and for a while I’ve been thinking a dog would really give me what I want, protection, responsibility and fun. But because I live in an apartment (which I’m not sure allows pets)  and have no time  to take care of one/give it the time it needs and deserves (due to working a 8:30-4:30)–I can’t get one. I’d like a puppy, but I know how crazy the first few weeks/months/years would be. Plus, if I were ever to get one, I’d do so at a shelter.

At the Cafe:

When I came in there were at least seven or more dogs that came up to me. Once I sat down, all the small ones wanted to sit next to me–only to fall asleep. There was one dog–some type of mutt–that kept trying to lay on me. He/she wanted to steal all the attention away from all the other dogs. They were the laziest dogs I’ve ever seen in my life–that was until they all freaked out when they saw an outsider dog and one peeded on the floor–which I assumed was marking their territory.

I had a great time petting them and being there. It was upsetting though to see my favorite dog (not sure what breed), a baby mutt, Pomeranian and another big dog all caged up. They just wanted some love, and the baby mutt kept yelping. Even so the two people who managed the place didn’t do anything for them.

My favorite dog was a large fluffy fur ball. I could see he/she wanted to play. When I asked if they could be taken out, the shop owner said no. I had to lock the cage back up. Ohh, so sad! If I had the time, resources to train a dog in two languages (commands and stuff),  love and care for it, and was allowed to have one in my apartment–I would have gotten this one (need help on identifying breed though):

I want to own this one.. 🙂

So, tomorrow I’m thinking of making it to the shelter at Chonnam University.  I saw some pictures online of the types of dogs and I’m interested in looking and giving attention to the dogs/cats. Even if it’s all I can do right now, I feel like I’m making somewhat of a difference.

Here are some more pictures of the dogs at the shop:



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4 responses to “Dog Cafe in Downtown Gwangju

  1. Margot Brinn

    you are so right that it doesn’t make sense to have a dog now! why were those two dogs and not the others, locked up?

  2. I wondered if the dogs locked up aren’t owned by other people. The cafe does run sort of a dog hair salon, so I wondered if people dropped the dogs off to get their hair done and left them there for part of the day.

    • I think those dogs are the shop owners. One of the dogs was on sell for like 340,000. The other one locked, not sure. But yeah, it was sad and I think that was the first and last time I’ll go there. I know that there is a vet place/shelter at Chonnam. Thought about going there sometime and just playing with the dogs since I can’t have one myself.