EIC Day 9, Kimchi Soup and John Updike’s “Rabbit, Run”

I showed the students video of their choosing–Halloween themed “Hocus Pocus” and fast-food themed “Good Burger.” The class who choose both seemed exhausted after. And after playing the videos twice, I couldn’t stop yawning either. After classes I went to lunch. This time it was just me and three co-teachers. I felt as though I shouldn’t have gone, because I knew they would be speaking in Korean and I would want to bolt.

I didn’t like the kimchi soup.  I liked the pork in red sauce more. So I ate while the co-teachers spoke in Korean . After I finished I felt like I wanted to bolt, just as I thought. But I sat there for twenty extra minutes  while they finished their conversation and food. I  didn’t want to be rude, so I sat and looked around–out the window, at my nails–and noticed one of the co-teachers was looking at me like in one of those I’m- studying-you looks. When I looked over, she would look away–I think she saw how bugged I was while sitting there listening to a conversation I didn’t understand. Oh well.

After the twenty minutes were up, we parted. Boy, was I excited. It reminded me of a time my main school took me with them on a trip to a very nice place, only to end up on the bus at the end singing songs in Korean,  me uninterested and eventually falling asleep.

We were set to have dinner later, but I knew after heading to the bank I wouldn’t feel like going out. And the fact that I really didn’t enjoy lunch kind of justified my reason for not going. As soon as I got in the house, my co called. I just got inside. Later she called again. I told her I wasn’t coming.

Sooo, I finally figured out where the heats coming from on the bus. Right above my head. I always feel so drowsy when I’m reading a book, now I know why. So I turned the nobs to stop the flow of heat. The book I’m reading is “Rabbit, Run” by John Updike. Only on page 39, I see Updike’s writing style is much more on the descriptive side. It’s rather drawn out–completely different from my fast paced thrillers from Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben and George Pelecanos. But I do like it and want to finish so I can get to Coben’s new book.

I’m excited that the weekend is coming, but I have nothing planned for my upcoming vacation pretty much starting tomorrow after EIC and ending January 27th. I’m sure I’ll find something to do–even if it is reading a book at a new coffee shop everyday and playing guitar like a maniac. But I’d rather it be visiting someone I haven’t seen in a while or someone heading this way and then going somewhere else after.  But all my Gwangju friends are going overseas…One day it’ll be my turn!


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