Rainy Run at 2:30pm

This run went well, went from Bukgu–Yongbongdong to Seogu-Ssangchondong. I couldn’t believe the view I had. When it’s nice, I plan on running along the basin (not sure if that’s what it’s called–I’ve got a picture of it though). Had a dog yell at me, didn’t notice until I looked over…My legs killed yesterday, so much that it hurt walking downstairs and getting off the bus. Today it was raining, so I put on my hat and hood and  my water bottle pack. I looked like a real runner, but when I got back inside I was freezing. After lunch (a ham and cheese sandwich, some cookies and chocolate milk) I wrote down each time I went running since January of 2009 to January 2010. It’s been a whole year! I’ve logged 96+runs, not counting the ones I wrote down in December, but forgot to log on MapMyRun.com.

Here are some more stats:

Most Runs In A Month: 19 in June

Months I  Stopped Running (1 or 2 Days that month) : in April and May

Last Time I Ran Before Beginning Again In January.:  December 16, 2009

Best Pace: 10:04 June 24, 1:02:05 for 6.14 miles

Longest Time I’ve Ever Run To Date: July 18th, 1:55:43, 8.98 miles at home (Washington, D.C.)

I’d very much like to getting into running middle distance again. It made me feel good, and it’s when I felt in the best shape I’ve ever been in.

Next month, getting up to 7 miles would be stellar, now I’m at a petty 2.7. In time, I know I’ll see progress. An 8-9 minute mile wouldn’t be bad either. In the future maybe even a 13.1–half marathon! I’m happy that I’m back into running, it only means I’ll feel and look healthy. Sweet!

Tomorrow though might be uncomfortable, I’ll have to wake up and go to school–that means a 6:15am wake up. I tried to do so today but I wasn’t having it. I hope I can push myself to get up and get into routine.

Here are some pictures from today:


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