Seoul: Trip #3

I had a great time but feel really bad. On Saturday I met up with Matt during the day and Marc, Kevin and other new/old  faces at night. The fact that I went home at around 4am (after Noraebang)  and woke up the next morning at 7:15am, shocked everyone. I spent my entire Sunday in Seoul. I used a tour book and headed  to Apgujeong, Garosugil and Insadong, where I met back up with Kevin for dinner.

 I ended up coming to school today at 9am. So I made it just in time for class. For a while I had thought about calling in sick, I mean I really felt like crap. The first, second and third period were really rough.  I did  end up taking Tylenol (woot for medicinal drugs at school!) and feel a little better now.

By the time I said goodbye to Natalie (an EPIK teacher) and  got on the train, I could feel myself getting tired. It’s probably why  I went the wrong way for two stops and missed the bus to go home. Luckily though, 7,500 won  later, I was on my way home at 10pm. Got home at 1:30–more like 1:40 or so, unpacked what I could and crashed hard.

There were many things I missed–SeMA–Seoul’s Art Museum, other shopping excursions and friends I didn’t get to see. I bought a few things while there and even found a place I’d like to live next year–if there’s a job in the area. Overall, the trip was fun and the food was amazing. Seoul’s great–so glad I went.

For pictures, check this link:

Today will either be me leaving early after classes are over or sleeping until it’s time to go home/working on my TEFL if I feel any better. So, yeah sleep would be great right now, I’ve got one more class to go.



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  1. Hey, I meant to call you but I was sick on Friday. Then I was out too late on Saturday and got sick again on Sunday.

  2. aaron martin

    Glad you had a great is now daylight saving time.