Running Again/Food For Thought

Went out to run today. 16:00. It was hard, getting down to minute 8 from 20:00, then minute 4 from 8  but I did it. I’m happy with that. I’ve got one more day to run, this time for 21 minutes and then I get to rest. See, I’ve got this cool plan where I run six days a week with one day of break. And at each run I add five minutes to the last, increasing my time slowly but surely to 30 minutes (to 60 or more on long runs).  Depending on how I feel, I might switch running for a day of swimming, like swimming on Wednesdays and Saturdays–something like that.

I’m ready for the warm sun and the summer to come. Soon, it’ll be bikini time, and I want to be ready for it because I want to show off what I’ll have worked hard for. It’s one of my goals along with  being healthy and staying in shape that I’m going for.

I’m glad I got back into running. For a while, I’ve been lazy. Yesterday, I actually ran. All it takes is getting out of the door. I’m working on keeping and maintaining a body that’s healthy. This doesn’t mean I’m going to cut out pizza, donuts or coffee, but that I’ll eat/drink them less, replacing them with fruit, vegetables and lots of water and meat.

Cooking for myself is a challenge because it means I cook too much or don’t want to cook at all–eating cereal instead of cooking the food I’ve bought.

I bought food yesterday. Now,  it’s all about the veggies,  fruits, and some meat… That reminds me I’ve got to get more than just small slivers of bacon–some chicken or something…might go get that today.


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