8 Months In Korea

It’s been eight months that I’ve been in Korea. Of all the things I can say, I really miss my friends at home. They and my family (mom and dad) are a huge support group for me. I say this because for eight months I’ve been alone. I hardly go out drinking (which cuts my social circle in half), and find  I like watching movies/to dinners were I can share my opinions and learn interesting things. I don’t date, though I’d like to, but Gwangju is not the place for such things. Sure Monday to Friday can be a bit slow,  I’ve got movies,  a book  and the internet to hold me over until I figure out what it is I want to do on the weekend (other than badminton club).

Other than that I’ll start taking swimming lessons at the Hyundai Department store in May.

Other than that, my life in Gwangju has been good. But to be honest, I’m looking forward to the options of Seoul (or Busan) next year. I can almost see it–me swimming (eventually scuba diving), keeping up with badminton (playing against other opponents),  running farther distances (something like 10 miles or training for a half marathon), going on dates, guitar lessons, art shows, having parties/going to parties, meeting Koreans, doing language exchange, the new school/classes, driving (?) etc…

Now there are only four months left! Sweet!


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