Right Side Wisdom Teeth–GONE

I can’t feel my right side at all. I’m not even allowed to spit. Do you know what it’s like to swallow when you have half a functioning mouth? Weird and outrageously uncomfortable.

Mission Extraction

This doctor told me not one but both of my right side wisdom teeth were coming out. I knew it had to be done. So, I sat back. “Don’t be nervous!” didn’t reassure me at all. My heart still raced when the doctor stuck three needles in my mouth. It hurt, I yelled a little and maybe even had a little tear welled up in the corner of my eye.  But as soon as I tried to talk my sound was garbled, and I couldn’t feel the right side of my mouth, tongue and all.

First extraction–the lower tooth, that went fine. I didn’t even know the  tooth was out until I felt string against part of my lip as the doctor stitched up my gum.

Second extraction–the upper tooth. In the beginning the doctor told me to raise my hand if I felt pain. Oh, did I raise that hand! I could feel the gum, when the doctor began to extract. It wasn’t super painful, but by the time I raised my hand again [the nurse put it down], it was over after two seconds. He put a piece of gauze in my mouth, told me to squeeze it as hard as possible. It wasn’t to be taken out until 7pm that night.

During the entire time, the doctor told me what he was doing…

The doctor gave me a prescription, told me I need to put a cold compress (given to me by the office) on my jaw in the next 48 hours. I have a diet of soup for the next seven days, so I hope the soup is really good at school.

The Procedural Sum

The cost of the extraction, plus pre pay to see the doctor came to 41, 400 won. Next week, if I want, the doctor said, he will take out the other two.

I got my medicine and some gurgling agent I’m to use three times a day.

Feels Like…Pain

I’ve got a headache, and I can feel I’m getting a little sensation back, when I press on the gauze it hurts. Not sure if you can tell but this is the side where the surgery was done. I really wish I could be knocked out next time, those needles were no joke.

I’m in a little pain and wish my mom could make it all better. Oh yeah, also, I can’t talk. In a few hours, I’ll be fine. Maybe there’s a good movie on TV, and maybe I’ll be able to eat some soup when the sensation comes back.

I’m so glad it’s over!



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