My Great Weekend, Eight Months in Korea, Part 2 and Camera Stuff

I was having a great weekend at the bake sale, eating pie, sitting on the roof, chatting it up with Alison, meeting up with Julian and Mechel, until I got a massive headache. My teeth were bothering me bad. I wanted to go home, but I was so tired from biking…anyways, ended up staying downtown, eating at First Nepal and then headed  home on my bike. Because I was super tired from riding and the headache, I opted out Saturday’s badminton. That made three days I missed last week.

On Sunday, I went to Hyundai Department Store for a swim suit, goggles and other stuff then I headed to Home Plus, which took me a while to find, as I landed myself in Yangdong Market, opposite from where I wanted to be. I rode around there for a while before stopping to get some food at a Family Mart. Finally I made it to Home Plus after going to a bike shop to get my seat lifted. Got what I needed at Home Plus, took some more medicine for my tooth which was a real pain  then I rode to a coffee shop near Chonnam’s back gate where I got a bagel (which I chewed slowly) and looked at a magazine. When I got home, I was tired. So again, I skipped badminton.

Today, I don’t have classes.  I forgot I didn’t have any until Sujeong said we didn’t. Totally forgot my book!

Eight Months in Korea, Part 2

The one reason I joined badminton was so that I could feel like I belonged to something, did something that I really enjoyed. But now having gotten my bike, I find I’d rather be alone. The whole time I’ve been in Korea, I’ve wanted to interact with more people, find new friends, hangout with people but not lower my standards to hangout with them. And for a while, that meant me being by myself, going places by myself, traveling by myself and doing things alone. Every once in a while I’d do stuff with people, but found it wasn’t worth calling those on my cell if they weren’t calling me. So I made a decision to stop caring and that in time, I’d find people who’d want to hangout and do the things I like to do. I’m not saying there aren’t those people in Gwangju, but I’m just meeting new people and discovering new things after eight months of being here. So all of that makes me come to this:

All along, I wouldn’t have thought I enjoyed being alone, at times that was because I thought it sucked. I wanted to hang with people, but I didn’t want to go to bars, clubs or have anything to do really with alcohol.   I learned I didn’t have the cash to do such things every weekend. I have the responsibility of paying my student loans and I can’t do many things like travel out of Korea or go to Seoul/Busan every weekend. Because of that I felt my social circle was pretty much non existent. I slipped into a DVD coma on the weekends because I somehow would become broke early in the month (something I’m working on).

Now, I’ve just bought a bike and I love it.   Riding is all I seem to want to do, it’s trumping badminton greatly and I wonder if quitting something I just started is the best route now. I already know that I’ll be swimming next week. For the next three months am I going to just swim and bike? I’m really starting to think that’s what I want to do, I’d be happy with it, and of course the rewards would be great too. Working out feels awesome and I hope to continue to do so as much as I can in my life time.

Still No Camera

I think it’s gone forever (I looked everywhere!.) I’m not too worried because I know I can get another one, just not sure what kind. Maybe I can find something between 95,000 and 110,000 (then I can buy it now)…. Anyways, that’s it so far.

I’m Done This Post Now

I wonder if there’s a way to beat the rain on my bike. I didn’t bring an umbrella. It’ll probably be best to get umbrella  after school and just take the bus.


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