Tuesday’s and Today’s Happenings

So yesterday’s language exchange didn’t happen. Turns out Guk Yeong had to work. She stated via text that she was “breaking a promise.” That concept is still a bit weird to me. I mean, saying that you will meet someone at a specified time is not a promise, it’s a future happening, and if someone cancels, it’s not like breaking a contract. Maybe it’s the wrong word to use, but I’ve heard this a lot in Korea.

Anyways, while I was walking home from school, students decided to walk with me, but for the three minutes we walked up the foot bridge and to the mart, neither of them walked with me, they all walked behind me. I guess it’s not cultural here for teachers to be seen as friends and more of superiors that keep students in check. Ahh, no big deal, but it was odd for the minutes I walked. I keep looking back like are they following me or are we really walking together?? Interesting.

Wednesday Off

After looking at some how to make an omlette video, I made the perfect scrambled eggs via Chef Ramsey (the guy that does Hell’s Kitchen and curses a lot). They were the best eggs I’d ever scrambled. Now I know how to do it right. Though they were a little hard, I’ll work on that kink next time. I had that with perfectly crunchy toast via skillet and the last of my long-stripped bacon. Delicious. I also watch the rest of The International, put in Juno and painted my nails.  Now, as it’s 1:32 in the afternoon, I’m trying to decide what I should do. It’s a really nice day and at 7pm I’m to have dinner with my friend Lauren, downtown.

Maybe I’ll ride my bike like crazy or just go somewhere I haven’t yet been. That would be pretty cool.


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