Coolness Of Korea And The Power Of Biking

I just biked home. I started at 1:33am and ended at 2:14am. That’s the cool thing about Korea, you can literally be safe (via riding a bike) and not feel worried something will happen. With my helmet and cell phone on my person at all times, I feel like I’m okay–I’m protected from serious head injury and if hurt and need help, I can always call someone on my phone. Right now they are my most important accessories to have when riding my bike.

The power of biking is awesome. I need to bike like I did all the time! I feel pumped (which is probably why I’m writing this blog at 2:41am!) I also need to get a new back light (the one I clipped on, fell off somewhere on my ride home a couple of days ago).

I had a great night at Sara’s, met some new people, ate lots of barbecue and had some good laughs.  I’ve got to get some sleep–tomorrow is brunch at Shawn and Christina’s.  My Friday was awesome!


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