Mission: Food, Flip-Flops, and Fashion

On the hunt for things like pasta sauce and milk (which I can get later today) and eventually looking for flip-flops, because soon it will get hot in my  awesome red  hi-top Puma’s….

I looked online two days ago for style updates–I feel like I’d rather wear yoga pants and a shirt. I don’t have many summer shorts other than exercise one’s and don’t want to feel like I look like the gym teacher at school, when everyone else looks pretty spiffy in their clothes. Plus, I’ll feel under clothed, as most teachers hardly wear shorts unless their denim with leggings underneath.

It really doesn’t matter what I wear as long as I dress conservatively–which I do. But I want more style, perhaps I want to be more girly, yet not high heel crazy–just comfortable enough to ride my bike. Perhaps I’ll just rock the yoga pants/jeans with a t-shirt and just add-on the accessories to make the outfit pop.

Anyways, I guess I should go on a bike ride somewhere I haven’t been… I’ve got a couple of hours before meeting up with Kirsten to show her where badminton at my main school is played.



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3 responses to “Mission: Food, Flip-Flops, and Fashion

  1. I remember awhile ago you mentioned that when riding your bike you have problems with people not moving out of your way, even when you ring your bell. I had the same problem too, so today I asked a Korean friend of mine what I should say to get people to move over.

    He said that you can just say ‘pi-kyo-ju-se-yo’, and it means something like “Please move over”. He said you can also just do something like ‘pang pang!’, which sounds like a car horn kind of, and people will understand what you mean.

  2. Hey Colin,
    Great tip, I should have thought to ask a co teacher! So romanized it’s said 피 교 주세요? Cool, I’ll definitely be saying that. Again, thanks a lot.

    On another note, I just went to your site. Thanks for blog rolling me! I really appreciate it. Are you going to the mudfest in July? I’m pumped for it.

  3. Yeah, it should be, unless I heard it wrong, but he said it a couple times super slow and I repeated it so I’m pretty sure that’s right.