Swimming Class Day 4…

Fourth day of swimming class–it’s getting hard! I suck at moving in the water–I can’t walk–I tiptoe, it’s slippery in the pool! Then we had to do this leg exercise where we hold the mini boogie board, are propelled by the teacher and then left on our own to kick to the end of the lane. It’s really hard and I was frustrated. So yesterday, I stayed a little after class and tried to explain that the leg movement was hard. As the other guys in the class helped out with tranlation, the teacher told me I was a good student, nice, but A+/A- NO, I’m more a B+/B- student. That’s cool, it just means I need to practice, because I can see where my body needs to get stronger. It was hard because I kept thinking about the way I was supposed to be kicking. The teacher told m not to think about it…when you think about movement too much, you  eventually become frustrated.

Definitely looks like I’ll be doing extra practices on the days I’m not in class. I would go today, but, I’m a cheapo and don’t want to pay the 2,000 won fee when I can go in on Monday for free.

OK, so that’s that, I need to practice and not think about it…I’ll most likely be needing someone to watch what I’m doing and correct all my mistakes..hmm, gotta find a buddy!


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