Becoming a Healthier Me

So Mudfest is coming July 31st, and to be honest I want to be able to wear a bikini. So for the next three months, I’m going to work on it. I’m going to start running again, along with biking (to/from wherever) and swim class (as well as practice during free swim times) to get myself there.

Summer is coming and I want to become more in shape and stay that way throughout the year. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be documenting my progress. I’m really excited because I know I can get to my best fitness level ever. I’ve done it before (when I almost ran 9 miles one morning last year) and know it can become more of a permanent thing.

My goals come in three categories: running, swimming and biking.  My main goal is to wear a bikini in the summer and keep up that body as long as I physically can. I do have a weight goal  of 105-100lbs (I’m 124 now with a little stomach)  but I’m pretty sure I’ll know when I’m ready to hit the beach in a bikini.

I have to say, I’m pumped to start. Meeting with the woman’s health club (made up of foreigners in Gwangju) really helped motivate me and even partake in exercise with others (I’ve never run with anyone before). It’ll be a cool thing to look at my progress once I’m at my goal–then the next part will be how to keep myself feeling and looking awesome (aka maintaining the lifestyle).


Normal runs: 1hr (5 times a week)

Long runs: 1hr+ (1 time a week)

One day off.


Mastering the many strokes of swimming (will take some time for sure…)

15  minutes swimming non-stop (also will take time, but when I get there, sweet!)


Well, I use my bike for transportation. I’m not really sure what I want–maybe to go up a small  hill without getting off my bike to walk it (sometimes, it’s steep though…). So more leg power?

Other than that, I just like being on my bike and cruising…I’ll just keep on crusing…I’m sure a mountain bike will be in the future at some point. Right now, I just like feeling the wind, and riding to new parts of town.

So I guess my real focus is on running and swimming. I actually stayed a little longer in the pool today after class. I suck at breathing, when I tried freestyle. I’m pretty sure that’s next on the instructors agenda. Today my class was shown the arm movement!!! It’s getting harder and I’m up for all the challenges (especially that leg work of mine).

July 31st: Mudfest in Boryeong!




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4 responses to “Becoming a Healthier Me

  1. Do you have a fixed speed bike or one with different speeds? If you can change gears, it could really improve your ability to go up hills.

  2. Yes, I can change gears, I think it’s like 10 gears or something..all I know is I don’t like the clicking nose I hear when I’m on flat ground.. I just got the bike and am still new to it all. I have no idea what gears really do, but I can tell when in the lowest gear the peddles are harder to push down.

  3. I could try explaining it, and it’s not really hard, but it’d just be way easier if you had someone show you. If it’s clicking it may just mean that it’s not completely on the gear, like it’s not shifted all the way to one or the other, so it’s trying to figure out which gear it should be on. The gear on the right handlebar should be for the rear gear, and the one on the left for the front. You never really need to change the left one, but if you’re going uphill, just crank the gear on the right back towards yourself, I think.

  4. …I’ve only got on gear changer–it’s one the right handle. Thanks for the info!