New Pictures Soon/Other Stuff Too

I’m starting to feel bad about not having visual to back up my blog. It’s almost as if no pictures means more narrative. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do since that camera of mine is long gone. I’ll be getting a new camera next paycheck and will take more pictures like I used to. Now, I use my cell phone, which acts really dumb when trying to email myself pictures–that’s what I get for buying a second-hand phone).

Today went well….

My knee was bothering me when on my bike. No idea why, but I’m already googling to find an answer and will take the bus to swim class (as much as I dilike the bus, my knee means more to me). Perhaps it was hurting extra because I started running today, but I really doubt a mere 14 minutes of running would do something like that. It’s the same leg that had bothered me when I started biking.

Well, back to Third Watch!


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  1. aaron martin

    Your blog is excellent! You have some skills!!!