Biking Less

I’ve decided something: I’m no longer going to bike on swim days. My legs were super exhausted at 7:27pm–I think because I’m putting a lot of pressure on my legs (from biking/running yesterday). Plus, it probably doesn’t help that I’m kicking my legs way fast . All the other students were a little beyond the half way mark when I swam the first lap exercise. Going slow, I’m told, is important.

Well, I have a reason to use my bus pass now. That’s good, but I hate taking the bus! I normally don’t take it at all and that’s been nice. But if I’m going to not be tired in swim class, it’s best I don’t bike to/from school, and 28 minutes to and from Hyundai’s Fitness Center (in the department store) or I’m going to be one exhausted person.

Perhaps in a month, I’ll be ready to run, bike and swim through the day, but until then baby steps. I just wasn’t there today and  don’t want a burn out to ruin my fitness goals!


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