Loving It Today

It’s 2:35pm and I’m at home!  I went to an open class at an elementary school with a co-worker.  Overall, the lesson was pretty normal day-to-day routine for the lot of us who work in public schools, specifically those in elementary.

Anyways, after I left, I was told I could go home. A teacher from a school in Ilgokdong gave my co-worker and I a ride back to Ochi. So nice! I rode my bike home.

So, here I am now. It’s 2:40pm and I think at 3:30pm or so I’ll clean up the stuff on the floor and on my desk. I was going to do it tomorrow, but I have tons of time before swim class. Hopefully I’ll be able to get myself away from the awesomeness of Third Watch.

Oh yeah, leg problem solved! I pushed my seat up higher as some Google site suggested. I’m all good!


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