Waking Up Is Really Hard

These past few days I can’t seem to get out of bed. I’m really tired in the morning. When I went on that run I felt fine, but got tired quick (at around 10:30pm). Yesterday and today I literally dreaded waking up. I basically felt like I need an extra thirty minutes to an hour even though I think I got enough sleep. Also yesterday I suddenly woke up at 5:12am for no reason.

I searched online today about feeling tired in the mornings. It’s not like I feel terrible about my day and what’s ahead. I have a positive mindset so I really wasn’t sure what was causing it. In my search I found that watching tv and movies can make a person restless during the night, and that’s why people wake up feeling like crap. Another cause is stress–perhaps it’s been the fact I’ve been a bit cramped up about my moving to Seoul and figuring out how to get all my documents (especially the criminal background check) in order.

I guess I’ve been worried about finding a job, but I know with persistence and a few more months jobs will open up. I keep applying anyway, but it kind of sucks when all the great job offers are for those that want contracts A.S.A.P, late May, June and July…

But, back to the sleeping thing. Perhaps TV (all visual stimuli) should be put on hold before going to bed. I hate the feeling of being fatigued like that, it puts a little damper in my day. I mean, I literally woke up at 7:45am this morning and left my apartment at 8:15am.

I guess too I’m looking forward to taking some time off (when–sometime in the future). I’ve got lots of leave left and I think I should use it.


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  1. aaron martin

    Hey pumpkin

    You’re doing fine. Keep doing your thing! I’m so proud of you.