Pretty Sure I’ve Got A Sinus Headache

I think I’ve got a sinus headache. Luckily it only hurts when I bend my head down as if I’m picking something up. I thought it might have been the heat but then I realized it hadn’t gone away when I took Tylenol yesterday. So I tried stretching today–same thing. My head feels like there’s a lot of pressure on the left side and front area. It messed up my swimming yesterday. I mean I swam, just tried to ignore the pressure I felt. Once I started swimming I’d feel it for a little and then it’d go away once I kept going.

Here’s where I found information about the type of headache:

I’m trying to decide if I should go to swim class tonight. It’s not like I feel tired, have a sore throat or fever. So that’s a good thing. I saw online that this type of headache can be caused by swimming. So far this week I’ve been in the pool four times this week.

I’m lucky nothing else has developed. If my head continues to hurt I’ll make sure to go to the doctor after school on Tuesday (payday).  I’m sure I’ll get more antibiotics for another seven days. Such a drag for my head to hurt once I push-off in the pool–it’s just annoying.

The question is: will I go to swim class endure the pain I’ll feel (for just a while)or not go because it’s a stubborn idea to do so? I mean I want to learn, I pay 5,000 won + for each class.  I want to get my money’s worth…Most likely I’m going to be stubborn and go anyway! Who knows…I have two hours to decide.


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