Ma and Dad–This Goes Out To My Parents

For a second today I thought about my education and the education students receive or don’t based on economic status. When I look at my education, I was part of the privileged. My parents made it possible for me to have private education my whole life. From pre-K to 8th grade I went to a Catholic elementary school. 9th to 12th grade I went to a Catholic high school. And then I went to a well-known college in upstate New York [Ithaca College ’09! 😀 ].

Elementary and high school were not cheap. Among costs, other than making it able for me to sit in class, there were uniforms (normal wear and those for gym class) I had to get every year,  class field trips, not to mention money for .50 cent jeans days,  the many Halloween costumes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks…the list goes on.

I though just for a second how lucky I am to be where I am and how great my parents have been in my life. In fact, I have a real job where I get paid every month and they still treat me to things every once in a while (like money for my birthday). I’m very grateful for everything they’ve done.

So then I thought, I want to work in a place where kids are privileged. Parents, just like mine did are working as hard as they can to give their children a better education. I think of what my parents have done and still do for me–if I’m a teacher in that environment I’ll feel like I deserve to be the best teacher I can, so my students will benefit from what’s taught. I like the fact I can relate on a real level to how the parents feel about their child’s learning and how a private institution (with the right curriculum and qualified staff) can help shape that learning.

I know I’ll end up in a hagwon next year, as that’s what I’m searching for. But I guess I have a deeper understanding of what it will mean to work at such a place that’s standards are all about helping the student succeed.

Also, big shout out to my parents, I love you and miss you very much! ❤ ❤ ❤


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