My Soul Wants Seoul!

It’s the end of swim class for me because I won’t be going to class Saturday. Why? SEOUL!! I’m a bit worried that this trip will cost me more than I want it too. Like more than 150,000 won worth…but hopefully I’ll be fine. I just really have the urge to go clubbing somewhere. Either I bring my dress or buy one when I get there–I’m still deciding.

It’s now 8:59pm and I still have to pack. I was going to clean up, but there was no time after school since I left late.

The won fell a whole bunch a couple of days ago so the extra $110 that normally goes towards my loans had to be cut when I realized how much USD had transferred from my Korean bank account to home. It sucks, but I made it work and am still able to pay my bills–so really that’s all that matters.

9:03pm now..still haven’t packed. Booked what looks to be a great hostel for Saturday…so stoked about Seoul!!!! 😀


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