Thanks, But No Thanks!

This is probably the second time Su Jeong has asked me to come to the teachers lounge because there’s chicken or pizza in the room and everyone is going to eat together. I feel a little guilty about saying no because they are being really nice. But then I feel like I’m very justified in my reasons:

1. I’m never hungry at 3:30pm. I had a satisfying lunch at 12:20pm and I’m good until I get hungry for dinner.

2. I’d rather not eat pizza or chicken in between lunch and dinner. I’ll stick to my water and bring something healthier to eat if I ever get hungry before dinner.

That pretty much sums it up. But I always say thank you but no thanks, and mention my lunch was all I needed.

I’ve also made a decision I’m going to be more consistent with running, and biking this week. I ran last week but it was only for one day. I gotta figure out the waking up thing because lately I want to sleep in. Naturally though, I wake up at 7am–it’s like clock work and I feel overwhelmed as if I slept through my alarm…

Tomorrow’s wake up is scheduled for 6-something. I’ll go do however minutes I can and then shower, eat and leave for work. I’m glad I’ve got Wednesday off..

Coming up soon: A blog about my recent trip to Seoul.



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2 responses to “Thanks, But No Thanks!

  1. Mister Ilsan

    It’s called take one slice of pizza or cake
    Take a bite and comment on how good/delicious/just like home it is
    Make small chat with a friendly teacher

    Excuse yourself with the piece of food
    Leave it on your desk.

  2. Yeah, I just don’t go anymore.. I feel like it’s a waste of time.. but I always am polite about it…