Seoul–Trip #4

I spent Friday hanging out with Andrew–we went to his school dinner in Ssangmun and then to his friends birthday party–ending the night with bowling at around 4am. I kept waking up on and off and felt like crap for a better part of Saturday. Not the greatest  choice to drink beer and soju, as much as I dislike them.

Saturday I met up with Marie, and new friend Joelle. We went shopping in Myeongdong–ALL DAY. Well, it was all day with Marie. Somewhere between H+M and Starbucks we lost Joelle. I texted and called, but got nothing. I figured she kept shopping…we ended that day with a trip to the most expensive meal I’ve had in Korea at Outback Steakhouse–31,000 bucks on ribs, chicken, fries and a Rasberry Lemonade (which is really some soda with color in it. I thought I was going to get the real rasberry lemonade like at home… with Korea you can expect somethings to not be the same at all.

On Sunday, before leaving the hostel at Hyehwa Station called Backpackers INSIDE (25,200 for the night by the way)–I met Melanie and the know-all of Seoul/possibly one of the owners of the place or close friends with the owner, Brit. He happened to be talking to Melanie who was staying in Korea by herself for two weeks! I invited her out with Marie and I, since she hadn’t been around Korea that much–to Myeongdong (again!) and Insadong. It was a lot of fun. Stopping through Ssamziegil was probably the best part because we took 6,000 won photos in what’s called “Korean Kimono’s” aka Korean hanboks, traditional dress. We all looked gorgeous! I’ll see if I can post those pictures. Oh yeah and we stopped through Itaewon for brunch at The Flying Pan. It was really awesome!

That pretty much my weekend. It was exhausting (because of Friday night then shopping all day Saturday) but it was well worth the time. I’ll definitely be going again next month. Until then I can make another list of places I want to visit when I go again.

As promised, here are the pictures from Seoul:

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