Check It Out–It’s Me! :0

I did a testimonial a while back for Reach To Teach–the recruiting company that helped me come to Korea. Well, I was the first testimonial!

Check it out here:

You can actually see the picture I use in this blog’s header entirely…

Anyways, I thought it was really cool. And I thought I’d share a little something I shared with my parents via email:

“It makes me feel like I’m representing not only myself but somewhere out there I like to think I’m helping those who think they can’t get into a job like this because of their skin color… I don’t bring race up very much in my blog posts or in general, but I guess at this very moment I feel like something I’ve done-though just writing a testimonial and sending a picture–can make minorities feel like they can do it too… you know what I mean?”

Also, my Dad talked about giving back to the community when he visited in December. I think that post is one way, and also answering people’s questions and concerns about being a minority in Korea helps. I know I’ve always wanted to help people. I just want to do what I can to help people learn they can do it too and that race shouldn’t have to play a big role in their lives. I mean, it hasn’t been for me and I’m really grateful for that…

Anyway, that’s my take on it. Feel free to post comments here or through my email–which you can find on your top right.


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