My Wallet, Sara’s BBQ, And The Ride Home

Well, I left my wallet at home. I went into Lotte Mart thinking I was going to buy some food for Sara’s barbecue. I got up to the counter and checked my bag–no wallet. I tell the cashier I don’t have any cash and walk away. I felt really dumb, but then I remember that my wallet is in another bag. It took me an hour and 35-40 minutes to get from my place in Bukgu to Pungam–near the World Cup Stadium. I covered a lot of distance and decided it would be wrong not to show up. So I call Sara, explain and she told me to come over anyway. So I went. It took me another maybe 15 minutes to find exactly where near the stadium she lived…so really it took almost two hours to get there.

On my bike I had an encounter with a taxi driver. The walk signal was green. I bike on the sidewalk–which seems safe (but that’s another story). It’s important to know that there are designated bike paths on Korean sidewalks. Well as I’m coming and looking in the direction of cabs that I know might just cross me before I make it safely to the other side, dude screeches in front of me. I was pissed. My bike stopped as the cab halted. I’m pretty sure I looked at him quickly and yelled something like “HEY!” with both my hands up. It’s so dangerous on the street. I don’t think there are any traffic laws in Korea–I’ve seen so much speeding and almost accidents, and have almost been in them. I watch out so much, but it’s other people I’m worried about. Driving fast seems to be culturally accepted here. To be honest, I’d never been so angry before. I already know I have road rage and I ride a bike. A bike! I was upset because not only could I have been injured, so could the driver and his passengers. Sometimes I think the government should enforce stricter driving rules. Besides English education, Korean driving is something I take seriously.

On another note, I need more lights. The kids at my school took it. At first I noticed it was turned backwards, and the next week it was gone. I think it’s best I find another place for my bike. I know they must be curious, but lights are expensive.

I was going to go out with everyone from the barbecue, but now that I’ve sat down, I’m going to stay in– I’m pooped from all the hills I biked today.

Coming soon: pictures from Sara’s barbecue


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