Monday: In The Running Mode

Ran 12:42 today. Not bad considering it’s been a while since I’ve put on my Asics to run. Tomorrow: 15:42…increase my time by three minutes each day. Surprisingly the 6:15am wake up wasn’t hard. I was ready to get up and go. That felt nice.

Now I’ve got to get some breakfast…I’m wearing a skirt today–I know huge jump from the jeans thing (it’s in the 80s all week) but I’ll be putting some shorts on so I can ride my bike to Paris Baguette..that will be interesting. It’s only 7:41am, and I think I could really use something in my stomach.

I’m proud that I got up and did it today. Now, I just have to keep doing it consistently–then I’ll be on my way to a better, more healthier me.


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