My Night Out

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing, until I decided to go to a showing of Sex and the City 2 downtown. The movie was alright–I liked the first one better.  While leaving the theater, I got a text from my friend Alva. I decided to hang around downtown and meet up with her to go to Speakeasy–a popular bar among foreigners in Gwangju. While waiting I went to the bank. When I walked toward my bike, it amazed me how many people were outside watching the game on TV.  I mean literally ajummas and ajusshis were sitting on newspaper on a high-rise rock slab just to watch. People went wild when one of the goals was scored. It was really an awesome sight to see. Sports games really do bring out patriotism. It’s almost as if all that love and positiveness effected me and I too was proud to be Korean, even though I don’t care much about sports.

I then headed to Mike’s restaurant, The First Alleyway. Andrea, Trevor, Jo and Hughie were there conversing. I sat down, had a little of Andrea’s white wine and joined in on the conversation. A while later four-week newbie Noël came along. Us vets get really excited when we see a new foreigner in  Gwangju, so we all threw questions at him. The talk of the town for a good ten minutes was about the cool foot toe shoes he was wearing. Mostly I just laughed because of how interested we were in them.

They looked like this:

Soon to join the talk was Alva with her red antennas–a representation that South Koreans were playing in the World Cup today.

We talked some more, then I jammed with Andrea, playing on Trevor’s guitar. It was awesome and inspired me to want to play more, learn more and just do more with the guitar in general. I miss it.

So skip an hour or more, and Alva, Hughie and I headed out for Speakeasy (but Hughie parted there), Bubble Bar, and Mix Lounge–a new place that just opened up recently. I could tell it was new from the fresh wood stair case and the smell of paint when I walked up them. I sipped on an apple tini while there. It was good. By that time, we had a crowd of people there, and began the longest game of balloon volleyball ever.

Anyway after it hit 3am, and we were back at Speakeasy, I had to call it a night. I was exhausted and noticed how unfun it was to be around people way drunker than me. While outside, some dude wanted to talk to me. He said he was visiting his friend, yet had seen me twice before (not true, I’d never  saw him in my life.) He had a beer glass in his hand, saying he wanted to talk to me.   At that point the dude tried to grab my hand!  He said he didn’t drink much, so I called him on the beer glass. He went to put it down near his friend, which was my cue to walk briskly away, without running (though I wanted too). So I walked, but he followed me. Basically he told me I was pretty and beautiful. I stopped walking, told him it was nice to meet him, but that I wanted to go home (which I had said repeatedly before, drunk guys can’t  take any hints).

I kept going and I guess he went back to his friend.  I called my dad and we talked until Iwalked to my bike–a good fifteen minutes away by foot.

I got home around 3:40am, put in movie Munich, and noticed how much I didn’t want to see it. It was around 4:14am that I went to bed. And that was my night.

I woke up this morning at 8:40am. Literally had four hours of sleep. I’m not sure how it is I naturally can do this even though I feel super tired, but I have to shower and get ready to ride my bike (45 minutes, maybe a little less) then get on a train (15 minutes) to meet up with the group so we can bike around the river and eat food afterward. I was going to bring oranges, but now I think some pastries might do the trick. It depends, but in the next ten minutes I’ll have made up my mind.

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