Damyang Sosaewon

I rode my bike about twenty-five minutes this morning to catch those in V.a.V.o.G–Vegetarians and Vegans of Gwangju, before they headed out to a vegetarian buffet and sosaewon in Damyang. After waiting thirty minutes for the bus that hadn’t come, we decided it best to go to plan B. Just as we were about to leave the bus came.

The vegetarian buffet was the best I’ve had in Korea to date. After eating and meeting up with mutual friends, we headed outside to play with two Schnauzers and another dog who’s breed I don’t know. It was great! I have a deep love for dogs. I know believe that if I’m to get a dog for the first time, it must be a Schnauzer. It’s the perfect size for little me. Plus, I figure if I start out with a dog, I need it to be small, then if I wanted, I could work my way up to controlling a big dog.

After hanging out in the fields, which had a swing set and mini stage, we headed to the sosaewon–a small quiet place where poets once went for inspiration/write poems. That too was good, then we headed back in the direction of the buffet to wait for the bus. At the sosaewon entrance, I had a 1,000 won drink called Omija–오미자. It tasted like what a flower might taste like if it were in liquid form. I handed it around to about four people in our group, and they all seemed to like it just as I did.

I had a great time with good people. What can I say–life is awesome. Check out the pictures I took (some are from Saturday’s night on the town). Enjoy!

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2 responses to “Damyang Sosaewon

  1. Muslimah Abdullah (auntie)

    Greetings My Beloved,

    I enjoy reading of your wonderful experiences, and seeing your photos. Continue to enjoy life with new experiences, new relationships, and being safe. God speed.

  2. Muslimah Abdullah (auntie)

    I love you!