Things Are Good!

I’m digging The Thermals right now…They’re good.

Lunch sucked today. I was super disappointed because I have high expectations for lunch at Ochi ES, they have the best menu ever, but on days like these I’m just like– :O then 😦 . Other than that everything is going well.

The job search continues, I figured out I’ll be debt free June of 2012. I’m very happy about that. That will require a celebration for sure.

Also, I’m going to mudfest July 17th, with my friend Rosalyn. We are pumped about going. I can’t wait to go on the mudslide and just get muddied up! I wonder what kind of bag I’ll bring because it’ll most likely get mud on it–maybe I’ll just put a plastic bag on top. I think that’ll work just fine. Oh yeah!

So when I think of mudfest! I think how can I be disappointed with lunch? Whatever, I’m going to have a blast in two weeks! I mean of course their will be other fun and awesome things before then (Alva’s last dinner tonight in Gwangju! and my friend Laura and John’s art show July 3rd!!!), but this is the biggest festival I’ll have attended in Korea. On that note, I gotta get myself up and out of the door 6am sharp for those running sessions I’ve been missing!

It’s my goal now to just run for the health of it, 4 or 5 times a week–no pressure. Eventually, I’ll be fitter just by being consistent. I’m cool with that.


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