Alva’s Farewell At First Nepal

L to R: Charlene, Alva, Seema, Me

It was so much fun. We all met up at Starbucks, talked as we drank Passion fruit teas, and ate a really sweet blueberry mousse cake. Then we headed to one of the best Indian restaurant in Gwangju: First Nepal. There we split two appetizers of samosas, pakora, and two dishes of Chicken Korma and Chana __?_(something I can’t remember). It was a great time. Then afterward we hit up Speakeasy, The First Alleyway and back to Speakeasy to end the night. I stayed behind after sending Alva off to talk to Adam, Wesley and Drew. That too was a good time. I left around 12 something, and got home eight minutes  before one. I went straight to sleep.

I knew I could be out because I don’t have class today. Tonight, I’m hosting a movie night. That should be a good time as well.


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