The First Alleyway and Crazy Horse

I went out solo to The First Alleyway and had their new chicken parmesan sandwich and a Coke. To my surprise, Rosalyn and Robby showed up. As they ate and I finished my Coke-a-Cola, we all talked with Mike Simning (owner of The First Alleyway). After chatting and having some key lime pie (first time I’ve ever had it before), I left and headed for Crazy Horse.

When I got to Crazy Horse I ordered a drink and watched my phone battery conk out. One of the four bartenders was nice enough to charge it for me. It’s a new thing I’m doing now. Because my phone has gone dead before, I’ve decided it best to bring my charger with me just in case. Some minutes after, Katie showed up with Soong Hee, Euna and Victor. After a little while, Seema showed up too with her group of friends.

At first, I had felt so awkward being by myself. All those people I had invited out had plans and I ended up seeing half of them at the show later. It was nice knowing I knew people there. I would have probably left if I didn’t know anyone there because  sitting at a bar is lame when you’re not with company you know. When I saw my friend Robert, we went to Soul Train, Speakeasy–where I saw Zaid with a new shaven head, and Bubble Bar just to see if anything was happening there–nothing was. Robert parted and I went back to Crazy Horse…

Before leaving I put on my leggings to ready myself for the 40-minute bike ride home. I told Jo (lead singer of Feed The Boats) I enjoyed the show and then left. I had a good time at The First Alleyway, and the band was good, but the bar wasn’t much my scene. It’s just not fun when everyone else is drunk and I’m not–I get really bored and want to go home when it’s like that and most of the time that’s what I end up doing. I guess I should just stop going to bars because it’s only fun for the first two hours… But lately, I’ve been bored on the weekends and just want to have fun, live a bit on the edge–well, it’s time to change the scene once more. No worries! Live, learn and move on to better things! That’s my new motto!

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2 responses to “The First Alleyway and Crazy Horse

  1. margot

    hey Khadijah, i’m glad you’re not getting overly sucked into the drinking culture there. i think people do it as a substitute for feeling all those yucky feelings that would be better wept out. but i see you’re no coward, khadijah!

    [but i am wondering if there might be a more fun location than korea for you]
    [and have you contacted soo ryun?]