2 Douche Moves And A Pedicure

2 Douche Moves That Were Completely Justifiable (To Me):

1. Ring my bell wildly while trying to make way in between pedestrians. That’s not the rude part. I stopped completely in front of the pedestrian who failed to hear the wild ringing, lifted my pedal by to begin riding, and rung my bell right in front of the male pedestrian to move out of my way. I’m pretty sure I looked even more douche-y because I was wearing my sunglasses, which are yellow. Guess I should have popped my collar if I was wearing one.  Hey, he didn’t hear me, not my fault.

2. Going down the street, I can tell a car is behind me. Right away I signal to turn left with my arm. Dude honks at me. I flipped him/her off while turning the corner.  Hey, I had the right of way and signaled like I was supposed to. Oh if I knew more Korean….

So between that I got a pedicure downtown for 15, ooo won! It was lovely and my feet felt like they were on cloud nine. Also bought some gifts for friends at home, as well as a red apple-shaped ring. The ring reminds me that I’m a teacher–get it red apple!

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3 responses to “2 Douche Moves And A Pedicure

  1. Actually, in Korea, vehicles have the right of way over pedestrians. I’m not sure how this affects bicyclists in the street, but there’s a pretty good chance you didn’t have the right of way.

  2. Colin,

    Really? From what I know, pedestrians always have the right of way (when applicable). And, I had the right of way–since I was ahead of him, and signaled…

    I feel like there aren’t any enforced traffic laws here… If I knew the language I’d probrably know them. But I see bikes on the street all the time.The bike paths here do no good. Most drivers honk at anything in their way, that includes children, adults, elderly and animals. I saw a dude the other day get honked at just for being where he was, no where near the actual car. The driver was trying to turn at a tight spot (many of those in Korea too just because of the way some drivers park)… I see traffic cops with their orange wands, but no one pays attention to them.

  3. I just know because a Korean friend told me. Like I said, I’m not entirely sure about how it works with bicycles, but I know that vehicles have the right of way over pedestrians.