Ekkk–Up, Down, Up

English camp at Yongju E.S. ended well. They liked the letters and asked in Korean if they could email me in Korean. I laughed and said “Of course in English, teacher doesn’t know Korean!” It was really funny because they all were sucking their teeth at the end, a little disappointed they would have to type in English.  Emailing me will give them practice though, so I encouraged them to do it.

After camp, co-workers, including the VP, and I ate at a sam gyup sal restaurant. It was delicious. I went to the bus terminal, waiting around for my friend Rosalyn to call. I texted her this morning and Facebook-ed her that I would come to her place in Yeonggwang this weekend. But because she thought I was set on going to Seoul–though I wasn’t really sure about it yesterday, she planned to go camping with her friend. Let’s just say I felt really stupid because I had my bag packed for the weekend. I carried the bag with me to English camp, to the terminal and downtown. At that point, I was feeling crabby because I felt I had given up on my plan to go to Yeonggwang, hangout, relax and do self pedi and mani’s. I’ve been super exhausted this week. The fact that I was already packed,  didn’t want to wait around for her to talk to her friend, was feeling irritable, tired and eventually gave up on trying to go in the first place, made me feel more down about my situation.

The part I’m trying hard to get over now:  It’s my fault for packing a bag full of stuff , carrying it around all day and then crushing my own hopes when my friend decided to make other plans because she thought I was definitely going to Seoul. Perhaps I should have stressed that maybe a lot better. Whatever, what’s done is done. I still feel like a dummy but I’ve learned my lesson in situations like these–don’t pack for things/get hopes up unless I know for sure it’s going to happen…

I’m going through what I feel will be the craziest last month in Gwangju and could really use a friend to talk to. That’s why I wanted to get away for a weekend. Oh well ㅠ-ㅠ.

UPDATE: Turns out those plans that were are no longer in stone. I can go to Yeonggwang if I want. My up then down day ends at an up. I really do cherish my friends. They’re the best! I’m going to Yeonggwang…

Pictures are coming soon.


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