Teaching Rocks!

Today was awesome. The kids played badminton and we laughed all the way through.  Some of them have no coordination–just like me when I started. It was too cute watching the boys serve,  miss the shuttle completely and the girls swatting at the shuttle like it was a moving fly, yet also missing it completely.

The other fun part of the day was when they played Twister. They were all so excited after I showed them how to play the first time, using some students for demonstration. It was also a lot of fun playing The Word Game–you can find the YouTube videos #1 and 2 here:

Teaching rocks! When I see students are learning, having fun, and laughing, I feel like those are the best rewards I could have from being a teacher. This week has been a lot of fun!

Check out the best pictures from today below, and check this link for more:

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