Cleaning Is Inevitable

It’s 1:47pm and so far I’ve managed to make a mess…

I ate McDonald’s again this morning because I don’t have much in my fridge but sauces, two apples, butter, cheese  and a piece of bread. Yes I should go shopping, but I really don’t want to buy food that will most likely be wasted…maybe I’ll try more kimbabnara or vegetarian this weekend/next week.

McDonald's is much classier on a plate than in a wrapper.

My apartment is in a neat mess–plastic containers on the kitchen counter and summer clothes on my  bed because I plan on trashing items I don’t wear and bagging things I’d like to keep.

It’s now 1:54pm. I plan on cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and room, all before 4pm. Then I can finally get some fresh, muggy-hot air while I take my bike for a stroll downtown. Perhaps I’ll practice some Korean when there. Or grab a good book to read at the GIC.  It’s been a while since I’ve read anything fun, just for enjoyment. I have two weeks and some days left in Gwangju, before I move to a new city and teaching starts up again. Some books in between my vacation would be something to look forward to for sure.

A lot of friends I’ve made in Korea are at home in the states/Canada or on their vacation somewhere cool like Japan, China or London, so I’ve been very hermit crab-like this week because of that and the hot and humid weather. I know I need a night out so maybe people will be around to have dinner and crash at the Ethnic Cafe.

I know cleaning is a super boring thing to do on a Saturday, but at least I get things done and can watch movies while doing so.



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4 responses to “Cleaning Is Inevitable

  1. Brit

    Why are you leaving Gwangju? I visited Gwangju a couple of times, nice city. I liked it better than Busan, but not as much as Seoul.

    • Better opportunity on the work front (challenges), more things to do on weekends–museums, art galleries, learn Korean and language exchange, guitar lessons, dating life–just more to choose from.

      Nothing is set in stone yet, but Seoul has always been in the back of my mind as a place all of that can happen.

  2. margot

    just to say i’m enjoying your blogs. are you going to be working in seoul?