The New Job

So I’ve been really secret about it, but now that most of my family and friends have received their letters and gifts I can finally come out about the new job I’ll be working at the end of August. I’ve signed the contract and the paper work to transfer my visa has been sent.

The new job is in Gimhae, about 40 minutes from Busan. I’ll be teaching kindergarten and elementary at an English immersion hagwon (English is taught all day M-F!!). I’m really excited. The hours are great, the students look adorable, the work environment is positive, and the people who work there are honest and all about helping one another.  It’s going to rock!

I’m already packed and ready to go, but am still on vacation. I’m doing my best to enjoy it while it lasts, though I’m already fed up with being inside. But more on the boredom later and what I’ve decided to do to combat it…


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