6:10pm: DONE! ;)

Today I accomplished something–other than laughing at the kids being kids (trying to be serious in front of them is a little hard sometimes because they are just so cute, but I think my seriousness comes across pretty well–my tone is spot on.)  I finished September’s lesson planning for three different classes! Tomorrow I will be planning for kindergarten, which I think is my hardest part. Classes with them are going really well. I picked things to do in class and do them that very day. Lucky for me, I plan a day ahead as much as I can. Kindergartners catch on so fast! Lucky for me I get to see most of them everyday, which means we get to go over things learned. Seeing them everyday also makes the material stick longer.

I’m learning my kids names! My system is working: “How are you? Raise your hand!” Students answer and then say their names. Genius plan for someone that can’t remember names very well–especially since I have about 43 students of my own, plus kindergarteners too.

Everything is going well here. I broke my record of almost leaving on time today! It’s because I finished lesson planning. Tomorrow I have to prepare materials for next week’s classes and finish this weeks schedule as well as plan for the kindergarten classes (I’m also doing an open lesson in three weeks, so planning for that as well). 6:10pm wasn’t bad, but goodness did I feel exhausted….I think I need something to wake me up and snap out of this tiredness funk. We all are truly tired at the end of the day–I am especially because I just started going to the gym–eventually it’ll give me the energy I need to survive 5 back-to-back kindergarten classes and just a 9 hour schedule in general (12.5 hour schedule with wake up included). My rest days on Thursday and Sunday are going to be great!

I definitely plan on getting a back massage soon. Sitting on the floor during class (and in little chairs), moving around in the classroom with no back support is making me feel grandma-like. So glad I’m at the gym! The massage will help so much! I’ll be making it weekly if I can for sure.

It feels good to be home. I should have  pictures on this post, but there’s no time to do it. Maybe I’ll try during the first two seconds of class, that is if I can remember…

Thanks for reading!

–Khadijah ❤


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