7:29pm And Still Going…

It’s 7:29 and I’m writing this post at work. I got really excited about decorating the classroom and ended up staying late–only to realize it’s parent’s night at school and the room to laminate things in is being used for teacher-parent conferences.

Tomorrow, I’m sure I won’t be staying late. It’d be awesome to have completed all my stuff for next week tomorrow and have time to decorate the classroom, but I’m pretty sure there’s not enough time to do it all. It will most likely be an ongoing project for the next week.

Today was my best day yet. Everything just flowed a lot better. I suppose it’s because I just knew what I’d do, and everything was efficiently  planned out. I had to yell at the first graders today because they were too much to handle. I hate yelling, I really do. Quick minded I decided to make a star chart right then and there, it saved my life!

I must go grocery shopping today, as much as I don’t want to go–I’m pretty wiped and have to pick up my prescribed sunglasses today (I think). Well, my stove still  isn’t lighting up and my internet isn’t working. So I guess the good part is that A: I’m not hungry, B: I’m at school using the net just fine now.

Oh, I didn’t go to the gym this morning–I took too long questioning the decision. My gym bag has the stuff in it, but I think it’s a great idea to sleep as much as I can since I go to bed late. So, now I’ve decided to move my gym days to night–I just hope it’s not incredibly crowded. I guess I’ll see how it goes tomorrow and switch it back to the mornings if that’s better…

I should go to the eye place and quickly bike by HomePlus–they always seem to have everything I need. I think the coolest thing is that I can box up all my items and tie it to my bike!!! Hmm, on second thought, I don’t need food or classroom stuff right away–it really can wait until tomorrow/weekend… Sleeping in tomorrow will be so awesome!

Thanks for reading!

–Khadijah ❤


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  1. margot

    are you anywhere near soo ryun in seoul, khadijah?