My Weekend: SF Dental, Buddies, Shopping

I had the best weekend  since starting my new job in Gimhae about three weeks ago. I went to Busan for a dental appointment at San Francisco Dental Clinic right near Seomyeon Station. There, I met all the women employees–two who talked to me while I waited for Dr. Seo. When he arrived, I expected to be getting a consultation for Invisalign, but Dr. Seo says braces are best. So for the next visit I’ll be getting my lower molars seperated (how? with wire!). The top were done on Saturday. It feels so weird still as my tongue keeps touching it. It doesn’t hurt at all, but for the first few hours it was really hard to chew anything with a crunch.

After my appointment I met up with Randy and Kira. It was super fun. We hungout: ate buffet food in Seomyeon and made up a song Pascussi’s at Busan National University. They’re so great! Here’s us on the subway:

Randy, Kira and me (new cool glasses--purple and ORANGE!)

On Sunday I hung around Gimhae and biked to the mall. I still feel like I don’t have many things to wear even though I shopped in Busan the weekend before. It’s coming together  now that I have collected a few more things.

Monday and Tuesday’s blog will come packaged as one. I don’t think I have time now to post something everyday! After this week, things will become less scattered and I’ll be able to post something with a bit more regularity.

–Khadijah ❤



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  1. Shar

    Does insurance pay for the braces?