My Hair Is So Long Now…

This weekend was interesting. I went from Gimhae to Busan for my dental appointment, then went to Daegu to find a hair shop. After the first one had too many customers, I went to one down the street. Well, after not having my hair twisted in one year and three weeks, it hurt. The woman was really rough when making sure there was no matted hair. She pulled my head as she worked and I was just completely uncomfortable. I know what it’s like to get my hair done at home (back in D.C.) and that was not it.

I’m happy that it’s done, but afterward a little girl named Kaya took my glasses cleaning cloth. It was really awkward because the pregnant stylist (not the one twisting my hair) told me to grab it from her. This little had taken my cloth hostage. It was awkward because I was running after this little girl I had just met. What baffled me most is that the mother didn’t do anything, she just watched and told me to not wait for the daughter to come around and just gram it.. I get it, she was pregnant…the whole thing was odd. I didn’t know anyone there, and the experience was one I never ever want to go through again–the other stylist was rough with shampooing, twisting and used this sticky stuff in my hair (which I’m very sure isn’t anything chemical free).

Like I said, it was odd. I don’t think I’ll be going there again anytime ever. The whole thing cost me 120,000 won. That’s $105 USD. So I’ve decided to get stuff myself-hair dryer (professional), clips,  aloe vera gel (all natural, leaves no residue), hair oil and just do it myself once a month.

I tried a new hair style today and will probably stick with it until I braid my hair to make it curly–but first I must find some hair rubber bands…

I came back to Busan pretty late, and ended up staying at a love motel near Sasang station. For 40,000 won for a night, I had a nice bed, a free orange juice box,  AC, TV and a nice view. I even got a goodie bag–pictures of that are coming tomorrow.

Back at home I went shopping for food. Just got a new couch–one of the directors and bus drivers from the school’s bus came yesterday while I was in Busan, and put it together. I also got a hanbok and a Korean game the director left for me. I think it might be for tomorrow…

Anyways, all is well here, I’ll be getting those pictures up tomorrow. One day of school this week then Chuseok!!!! I’m excited!  🙂


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  1. margot

    wish i’d been there to kick some ass!