It’s Tuesday Already? Whoa!

Today I woke up well rested. I loved riding my bike into work this morning, it’s the best part of starting my day. I just have to wake up on time. I’m always trying to figure out what to wear. It’s getting colder and it’s time to go shopping for winter stuff, but I just don’t want to buy anything. After a month of having money, I actually like having it in my pocket…

Gym After Work:

I ran for 5 minutes today after not seeing the gym for a long while.  It felt good being there, I felt like I was on my way to becoming a better healthier and fitter me.

My three-month membership is over November 27. I tried asking about my membership end date but the girl clerk immediately got the buff male clerk in the back office to help me. In the end, a foreigner gym member helped me out. He said something and then “oppsoyo aunjae” (when is it finished). I felt bad because I couldn’t say enough for the first clerk to understand.

Other Thoughts:

I’m in a need to learn Korean but have to find someone who has the same schedule as I do me and is not too tied up during the week/weekends. I work from 9am-6pm M-F. I go to the gym after work (that’s if I don’t have to work overtime at work). I get home between 7-7:30pm. I eat dinner. Then I just sit and some how stay awake until 12/12:30am.

I also want to learn more guitar–that will have to be through YouTube (and my guitar chord books)–there’s no place in Gimhae. I also want to bring the guitar to class–but I have yet to really practice.

I’ll make time for it all. I mean, it can’t be too hard since I already know what I want…

Thanks for reading!

–Khadijah ❤


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