Happiness on Thursday

Good day today. All my six year olds were so happy they smothered me with hugs. It’s such a special moment when one of them wants to hold my hand. We didn’t have time to go over our lesson so we made origami dogs. Most of them knew exactly what to do. I was impressed.

Last Class Of The Day–That Problem Is Not Impossible To Handle

I found a solution to my last class finishing our work on time. As much as they were against it, I gave them their first homework assignment from one of the easier books. They were really happy when they discovered they could do it. I told them they could. The girls are smart and I always give them encouragement. I look forward to all of my classes, everyday something new happens and I always go home with a smile on my face.


After much internal debate I’ve decided it best to suck it up and wake up early for the gym. I want enough time to eat breakfast but that will just have to be figured out by bagging a bagel with cream cheese and a piece of fruit. After work I want to go somewhere on my bike or just head home. It leaves me more time to make dinner, be a couch potato and practice guitar.

Random Statement:

I’m the only person in the world that didn’t know the song “Baby” is sung by Justin Bieber…I found out last week when I saw the video on TV.


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