Eat. Pray. Love.–Excellent Film

Randomness About Wine

Just a couple days ago, I thought how awesome it’d be to go to Amsterdam for a vacation, bike all day and eat really delicious food. I want to make that happen next year for summer vacation. I also thought about traveling to Alsace, France for munster cheese and a wine tour. I think by doing this I’ll find a wine that I really like…

I Saw The Movie

I’m back from watching film Eat, Pray Love. It was a wonderful film indeed.

My Day

Talked with Julie on Skype, cleaned my apartment, went to see Eat Pray Love, played guitar for little, and now I’m about to write letters to my family at home then go to sleep.



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2 responses to “Eat. Pray. Love.–Excellent Film

  1. margot

    hi Khadijah,

    just read all your recent posts. you are one courageous woman–and, it looks like, a natural as a teacher.

    i’m a little tired of teaching myself. working full-time again–the new administration is not permitting the kind of job sharing i’ve been doing for the past several years. #$%^%&*! but all is well even if it doesn’t feel like it.

    what happened to the on-line date in Seoul. i couldn’t tell since you missed that bus. was it with a

    have [i guess you are already having–12 hours, right?] a great day.

    • Margot!!

      Thanks about the teaching! It’s something I try to improve everyday. But everything is flowing well with classes–I couldn’t be happier about that .
      Currently, I’m devoting my prep time to decorating the classroom for Halloween and putting up things we’ve made in class. Even though I’ve done half a window and put up six pictures, I’ve got a perfect idea about putting a section on the wall about the teacher–where I’m from, my hobbies, favorite food so the kids have a better idea of who I am, plus I want a reason to put up the U.S. flag!

      Yeah that bus was the one to go back to Seoul. I stayed in a motel, but I did met Simon–yep, a U.S. er.

      Full time work–are the students from our class last year still there–the monk, Sasha, and others? I was just looking at a picture of you and them. That was such a great experience! Thanks for that, I learned so much!