Makeup: Getting Ready For The Show

I left after school in search for a pair of flats and ended up spending 54,000 won on short heeled shoes instead. After debating for about two seconds, I decided that I’d go to HomePlus to buy makeup. I don’t normally wear make up at all, but I tried all the shades I thought would work. Of course I just ended up with clear–chicken grease on the mouth-gloss.

There’s a Mac somewhere in Korea (I think there’s one  in Gwangju’s Hyundai Department Store, maybe Busan?), but I highly doubt the women employees would know what to do with someone who looks like me (maybe I’m wrong…). It’s hard for women of color to find anything which perfectly compliments their skin tone, unless they blend every color and come out with something that suits them…

Anyways, I ended up at Skin Food in HomePlus then Innis Free back near my school’s neighborhood. I got some pretty cool things. I tried it all on and realized I didn’t have any make up remover. Oil always works, luckily for me, I’ve got olive oil.

The Musical Festival

I don’t know what it is, but I’m super excited about tomorrow–the kids showing off what they’ve spent a ton of time on, the whole behind the scenes stuff and randomly about impressing everyone (staff and parents) with the whole shebang of  makeup and a dress.

While primping myself, I discovered I have awesome brown eyes that really take the stage with a little liner (and a little camera flash! hehe). Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I liked the outcome, just hope it’s not too crazy for tomorrow. I enjoyed myself and would do it again if I had another awesome dress and somewhere to be.

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  1. Shar

    There’s a MAC counter in the Lotte? department store in Busan. Try the mineralized skinfinish natural powder in deep dark–they should carry it. It’s good stuff.