Weekend in Busan: SF Dental and Seven DVDs

Went to SF Dental this morning. I was tired and kept yawning while waiting for the new separators to make space between my bottom teeth. After waiting ten minutes for those to set, the dentist assistant took them out and then  put these metal cookie cutter things in my mouth–attached to it was a bracket. I was fine when I left and headed for the MAC counter at Lotte Department  Store. It was such a waste of time, I took a quick scan of the area and decided it not the best time to buy makeup when I’m better off buying food for the next two weeks.

Before making it to the MAC section, I found myself  scanning the food court, I walked around twice and decided to have the hugest beef mandu I’ve ever had in my life because there was sitting. Well, as I bit down on the mandu, my left molar hurt, I couldn’t chew at all properly. I thought when I left what I was feeling was just pressure from all the work that had been done, and it would go away, just like the pressure did from my visit last time. Well,  I went back to the dental office to find it closed. I’m pretty much sticking to noodles  and soup until I can go get it placed correctly on Monday. ( I just hope I make it in time and that my gum doesn’t swell up). I think my wisdom tooth is affecting the bracket, or my bottom tooth is in a weird position, or the metal cookie cutter thingy should be shaved down more.

While underground at Seomyeon Station I found a CD store. I paid 23,000 won for seven DVD s. They’re old (from the 90s) but mostly I stuck with actors I knew including Morgan Freeman and Robert Redford (even though he’s 74, he’s still got it in my book–wink, wink!).

I was working on planning my kindergarten classes for the rest of the month, but have put that on break until tomorrow. Everything’s finished, I just need to write in specifics, look up worksheets, and make up some tunes to the CD that hasn’t yet arrived.

I’m going to watch one of the movies I bought today. Awesome that own 25 DVD s in my collection and payed a good price for each one. It’s one thing I never feel guilty about buying because I never pay retail price! Somehow I know where to find the 3,000 to 5,000 won section every time! No renting for me this week! Woo hoo!

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